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“STEM2Leaf Robotics Summer Camp was a wonderful experience for my son, who will be participating in FLL for the first time.  When I asked him how his first day went, he enthused, “The guys are so nice, Mom, and they’re showing us so many things we wouldn’t have known or would have taken a long time to figure out.”  The time he spent at camp has proved to be invaluable as the the boys encouraged him to critically think about strategy in completing missions, the parts they would use to build their robot and attachments, and even in the comments and responses to use to support and encourage those around him.  Thank you so much to STEM2Leaf Robotics for their work with Noah this summer.

Jane (Parent)

Screen Shot 2022-07-24 at 12.56.51 PM.png

This was a great experience for my Alan, age 11. Naythan and his team were so professional and welcoming with the boys. Alan did a mix of lessons and hands-on projects. He had so much fun each week!

— Laurie (Parent)


“The workshops are awesome! I liked all the fun and cool games especially the windmill. I learned about motors and sensors so that we can use them to build a robot that is really working and moving around!”

—Brian, 7th Grade


“Thank you for hosting this summer Lego Robotics Camp. Your camp was fun and helpful. You guys explained things clearly for us to understand the concepts that you taught us. Your tips and tricks will be a big help to us when we compete in the First Lego League this year.”

—Noah, 6th Grade

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